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Grounded SIA crew extends airline’s hospitality and service at new Kevin Khoo Bistro.

SINGAPORE — There is a new joint located in the heart of the central business district where you dine al fresco and dig into a plate of king prawn pasta with a rich and creamy pink sauce.

The dish is an ode to a similar one that was specially whipped up for Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew members at a restaurant — or “crew joint”, as they called it — that they frequented in Frankfurt, Germany.

This is one of the many fun facts behind the Kevin Khoo Bistro, a new restaurant located on Shenton Way which was set up by five former and current SIA cabin crew members in October.

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These Ex-SIA Cabin Crew Started Up A F&B Biz To Hire Fellow Crew Members Affected By COVID-19

Kevin Khoo Bistro is proud to be a restaurant that’s “born in a time of social and economic adversity and uncertainty.”

Indeed, the new F&B joint that opened in September this year was founded with a strong mission to help grounded cabin crew through the pandemic.

The aviation industry was one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and cabin crew have been laid off in record numbers.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) previously announced that it would cut around 4,300 positions across its three airlines: Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot.

Additionally, more than 6,000 of the 27,000 staff from the Singapore Airlines have taken up no-pay leaves since March 2020

Kevin Khoo Bistro, Shenton Way: “The meritorious master of meats.” –

When I first caught wind of Kevin Khoo Bistro, I was heartened to see our local cabin crew weather the storm that is the COVID-19 pandemic by banding together and establishing a business. It also struck a chord with me given that I was once part of the coveted aviation family many, many moons ago.

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SIA cabin crew opens Kevin Khoo Bistro, outdoor dining at Shenton Way manned by crew –

The enterprise was born in a time of “social and economic adversity and uncertainty,” according to its founders, who are (or at least, were) stewards and stewardesses with the national carrier.

If you haven’t caught on, Kevin Khoo is not the name of any particular steward, but a play on the pronunciation of “cabin crew”.

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