We owe our success to everyone who took the initiative to generously come forward and support us – From businesses to individuals.

Our staff uniforms are proudly sponsored by Vivicheo, featuring their popular Ricebag Collection! Vivicheo is a local online fashion boutique that brings unique and retro designs right to your doorstep. You can catch Vivicheo on Facebook Live almost every night showcasing new arrivals for you to snag! Oakwood Premier also provided us heavily discounted lodging for 1 month, enabling us to be near the café (Just 1 minutes’ walk) for this period of soft launch. In addition, when Mothership penned positive coverages about us, we received tremendous support from the public. We now (Oct 2020) take between 80 to 120 enquiries daily for table reservations, and are fully booked till end of December 2020. 

Quick fact! Do you know our staff uniforms vary with the seasons? While we don’t see seasonal changes in sunny Singapore, our crew have been to all corners of the world, many of which changes season by season. To catch these nuances our international character, do look out for changes in our staff uniforms over the months when you come by!

Our staff uniforms are proudly sponsored by vivicheo.com

vivicheo.com is an online fashion boutique based in Singapore. 


We are an outdoor cafe and we stay cool all thanks to cooling monsters! 


At Cooling Monsters are temperature control experts & design engineers that provide reliable cooling solutions to satisfy all cooling needs! They are always ready to provide round-the-clock personalised support services to your cooling system for any types of venues and events. Their in-house designed machines can also be deployed to cater cooling services in an emergency or planned maintenance for your factory, workshop or offices.


Our friendly supplier for alcohol. 

Amber Nectar is resourceful and creative FMCG Market Expansion company, determined and dedicated to achieve sucess for the Brands we represent.

With uncanny accuracy, they craft the most relevant brand building strategy. They derive a mixture of conventional and radical approaches for marketing and distribution , and ensure the best methods are employed for adaptive execution and effective distribution in Singapore and South East Asia region.

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