cabin crew at kevin khoo

The Kevin Khoo serves as an outlet for current and former cabin crew to shine, as we showcase their exemplary and impeccable service, a trait SIA has always been famous for.

The Cabin Crew United (#CCU) Community came up with the name of the business, decided on the dishes, worked on the branding and chipped in to help when the bistro opened. Many current and former cabin crew came down to support the bistro, making it a crew joint. We oriented our business to focus a strong social mission to help the cabin crew community, who are facing unprecedented uncertainty in their employment prospects. We hope to help the community by providing them employment as they transit into new careers. 

What happens next?

80% of our current staffs (Jan 2021) are either present or former air crew. However, we hope the crew can go back flying soon and Kevin Khoo will continue to serve as a homeground for the cabin crew as well as a cozy bistro for the public!

Our food

No Distance Is too Far’

We strive to bring you delightful cuisine from all corners of the world where our cabin crew land. No delicious food is too far for us! We constantly come up with new menus and dishes through experimenting and learning.

Our space

Our bistro is located at 7 Shenton Way, outside the Singapore Conference Hall (SCH). You can find us at under the nice little canopy adjacent to the SCH building.

Based on an open air concept, enjoy the natural air and the view of beautiful sunset as over a meal or beer. We tune our lights and carefully select our songs to create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for spending time with friends and family.

WE Got You Covered


We bring you delicious cuisine from all over the world. No distance is too far, with our cabin crew having touched down in many places across the globe.


We provide a relaxed, cosy environment ideal for chilling with friends and family. Have a kid? No problem! We love kids! Looking for a place to drink with your buddies? We have just the spot for you!


Our staff bring with them the professionalism, having served abroad planes as they canvass the world.